The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

11 Cooking Mistakes to Avoid

Cooking is a fun pastime with many benefits. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, it teaches you skills, and it can help you become healthier. Cooking also starts with making mistakes. So if you start out making these cooking mistakes when cooking, you’re going to have an uphill battle in the kitchen.


01. We cook vegetables for too long.

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

Long-term heat treatment not only reduces the number of nutrients in vegetables, and makes vegetable dishes less pleasant. Steaming veggies is an excellent alternative to extended stewing and boiling. According to chef and dietician Michelle Dudash, steaming makes our food healthier and more delicious.


02. We forget to add salt to yeast bread.


The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

High-quality yeast is the assurance of a good pastry. As it turns out, salt can be used to control yeast. Consequently, avoid salting the dough if you want it to rise more quickly. However, if you completely exclude salt from the dough, the bread will lose all of its volume. We need to avoid those cooking mistakes.


03. Before boiling eggs, we do not salt the water.

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

Eggs are one of the most popular morning items, but they are frequently cooked rapidly, although this procedure may be enhanced with a simple method. Before boiling, add salt to the water. The egg white will stay within the shell even if it cracks because of the salt. Salty water aids in the coagulation of egg whites.


04. We don’t soak our potatoes.

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

Soaking potatoes in water removes extra starch and makes them more nutritious. Furthermore, extra starch may form a sticky coating on the exterior. If you leave potatoes in cold water for many hours, the water will darken at the bottom. You may change the water from time to time to eliminate any starch that has accumulated on the potatoes.


05. Rice is not boiled with green tea.

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

A classic Japanese dinner is a bowl of rice with green tea. It has a tea flavor and contains healthful elements from tea.


06. After blanching, we do not wash the veggies in cold water.

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

When it comes time to utilize blanched veggies in a dish, we often leave them hot. However, to preserve the flavor vibrant and the texture crisp, wash them in cold water or place them on ice. If you don’t do anything, the heat processes and cooking will continue.


07. Instead of preparing beets in the microwave, we boil them.

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

We’re accustomed to cooking beets, after all. Even when we don’t have much time, we boil veggies, and this is one of our daily cooking mistakes. However, there is a highly efficient and rapid way to cook beets in the microwave. Take an average-sized beet, puncture it, wrap it in parchment, and microwave it for 5 minutes.


08. We peel one piece of garlic at a time. 

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

The hours we spend in the kitchen are made up of many minute, seemingly insignificant details. For example, we peel garlic, one piece at a time. It’s much more effective to chop a garlic head in half, place it on the table, and whack it with a knife. Remove the root area first to simplify the operation. simple cooking mistakes but avoiding them makes the difference.


09. We salt omelets before they cook.

One of the viral cooking mistakes…

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

Salting eggs at the outset of cooking damages their structure and makes them runny. Gordon Ramsay recommends adding salt towards the conclusion of the cooking process. He considers this to be the most critical aspect of making the tastiest eggs.


10. We cook French toast with fresh bread.

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

Although fresh bread seems appetizing, it is one of the most common cooking mistakes. It is not the ideal choice for making French toast. Use old bread instead of fresh since it will soak up more egg mixture and keep its structure. You may dry the bread in the microwave if it is too fresh.


11. We don’t salt our coffee.

Weird cooking mistakes like:

The Absolute 11 Worst Cooking Mistakes You Can Make

Even while adding salt to coffee is a common practice in many nations, it may seem foreign. However, salt may not only offer coffee new flavors, but it can also salvage coffee if it is excessively bitter.

Alton Brown, a food science specialist, advised adding salt on an episode of his cookery program Good Eats in 2009. He claimed that salt was more effective than sugar in neutralizing bitterness and smoothing out the stale flavor of the water. Brown recommends adding half a teaspoon of salt to each cup of water and two tablespoons of coffee.

What additional cooking mistakes could we avoid to improve our culinary skills? 

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