12 Effective Budget-Friendly Tips For A Simple Thanksgiving 2022 | 2023

12 Effective Budget-Friendly Tips For A Simple Thanksgiving 2022

thanksgiving 2022

Today in this post we talk about planning a budget-friendly Thanksgiving 2022.

  • In 2021, the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal for ten people in the United States was $53.31.
  • The first step toward a low-cost Thanksgiving dinner is to create a budget and a strategy.
  • To save money, start shopping early, check for deals, and shop with a list.


Fall. It ushers in football, pumpkins, mounds of leaves, and the holiday season, which begins on Thanksgiving Day.

For many people, Thanksgiving means gathering with friends and family. Of course, the occasion would be incomplete without a delectable Thanksgiving feast. While everyone’s Thanksgiving is unique, the traditional feast includes roast turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and other dishes.

While a plentiful Thanksgiving meal seems tempting in theory, the cost of that large holiday spread may be a strain for the one paying the grocery bill. Let’s look at some budget-friendly ways to celebrate Thanksgiving without foregoing the tradition of fun and wonderful feast.

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How much should I budget for Thanksgiving 2022?

Setting a budget might help you keep costs under control. Determine how much you want to spend on the meal and any other aspects of the celebration weeks in advance. Once you’ve decided on a budget, the next stages may involve creating a guest list, calculating the cost per person, and creating a shopping list. Let’s go through some facts.


What is the typical cost of a 10-person Thanksgiving dinner?

In 2021, the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal for ten people in the United States was $53.31. That includes a turkey, a few side dishes, pie, milk, and coffee for a basic holiday feast. It comes to $5.33 per person. On the surface, that seems reasonable, but Thanksgiving cooks frequently go above and beyond the fundamentals. Extra desserts, side dishes, decorations, and garnishes may cause a dining room table to groan. Add in the price of beer, wine, and specialty cocktails, and you’re rapidly out of money.

How much do most people spend on Thanksgiving?

Last year, the average consumer expected to spend $448 on a Thanksgiving lunch. (Unless you’re feeding a hundred people, that’s significantly more than $5 per person.) It simply goes to show how quickly the cost of hosting Thanksgiving can spiral out of control. It also demonstrates why a budget might be useful in keeping such spending under control. To keep within a restricted budget, know what you’re comfortable spending and track expenditures.


Thanksgiving 2022 on a shoestring budget

When it comes to hosting Thanksgiving, there are several ways to save money. We’ve already discussed planning and budgeting, so let’s take a look at some more budget-friendly ideas that may help you host Thanksgiving feasts, save money on the holidays, and ensure that everyone has a nice time.

Let’s get this party started. With the most important money-saving tips!

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 01: Begin your shopping early

thanksgiving 2022

Look for bargains on goods that you may require for the big supper. Cans of pumpkin evaporated or condensed milk, brown sugar, and other shelf-stable products can keep for months. Stock up when there are two-for-one deals or other great deals. Keep your shopping list up to date, so you can take advantage of any bargains when you go shopping.

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 02: Watch the Ads

thanksgiving 2022

Grocery retailers frequently offer incredible offers to entice shoppers in the run-up to Thanksgiving. The secret is to only buy what is on sale and at a decent price. When you buy reduced items, don’t buy everything on your shopping list. And browse around – you don’t have to buy everything in one place. Go where the deals are.

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 03: Shop Online 

Thanksgiving 2022

Do you struggle with impulsive purchases? Consider doing your grocery shopping online – or utilizing a shopping app. Keep your shopping list ready, and only buy what’s on it. This may help you keep unnecessary things out of your shopping cart and money in your wallet.

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 04: Take stock of your pantry

thanksgiving 2022

Purchasing additional food or supplies is unnecessary if you already have plenty. Overstocking might occur if you are unaware of what you already have. That might result in a waste of both food and money. Assume you need 2 pounds (0.91 kg) of packed brown sugar and already have one. Purchase only enough to cover the difference. Do not add 5 pounds (2.27 kg) “just to be safe.”

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 05: Borrow first

thanksgiving 2022

Will you require more pots and pans, a roasting rack, or a huge bowl? Check with your friends, neighbors, and relatives to see whether they will need one this year. A turkey roasting pan costs between $25 and $50. Borrow one to save money, but make sure it’s clean before returning it.

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 06: Dollar stores

thanksgiving 2022

Seasonal decorations are available at low-cost retailers such as Dollar Tree. They also sell kitchen ingredients and utensils at lesser costs than larger retailers. Why pay $25 for gorgeous vases when you can get them for a buck? Don’t forget about local thrift stores for low-cost Christmas decorations, cutlery, cookware, and other items.

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 07: Keep It Simple

thanksgiving 2022

You don’t have to match the Food Network’s Thanksgiving specials. A modest, well-prepared lunch might please everyone. Make your own pie crust. Make your own turkey gravy from scratch. Serve with Grandmother’s stuffing and Aunt Jo’s green bean casserole. Use family-themed objects to decorate your Thanksgiving table and house. Put the message ahead of the substance.

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 08: Avoid Costly Recipes

thanksgiving 2022

Delicious Thanksgiving recipes do not have to be expensive. A sophisticated dish may be made more affordable by using less expensive components. Replace that $120 bottle of expensive olive oil with something more straightforward. Replace pricey imported Italian sausage with a cheaper local variety. Nobody is going to notice. Stuffing made using discounted, day-old bread tastes just as excellent (if not better) than stuffing made with pricey croutons.

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 09: Frozen Food

thanksgiving 2022

Maybe you don’t see the sense in using instant mashed potatoes instead of actual, affordable spuds for your renowned mashed potatoes. When creating a butternut squash casserole, for example, you may use frozen chopped squash instead of whole squash. Even if the price remains the same, you will save time cleaning, cooking, and peeling an entire squash. Hosting Thanksgiving 2022 dinner is difficult enough; use frozen to reduce prep time, cooking time, and energy expenditures. You may be able to get frozen vegetables at a BOGO bargain as an added bonus.


Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 10: Turkey Requirements.

thanksgiving 2022

Allow one pound of uncooked turkey per person. Consider purchasing separate parts rather than an entire bird. When compared to a complete turkey, turkey leg quarters and a turkey breast might save a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. Even if you run out of meat, there will be plenty of other wonderful things to eat. And there will be more room for dessert, correct?

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 11: Choose a Supermarket Brand.

thanksgiving 2022

Frozen birds are exactly as excellent as fresh birds and are frequently less expensive. Look for pre-Thanksgiving bargains that “pull you in.” You’ve seen them: the ones where the birds cost 10 cents per pound. Or where you may receive a free turkey if you spend $50 on groceries. But keep in mind that $50 should only be spent on necessities—and only if they’re on sale. (This is where a grocery list and pantry inventory might come in.)

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 12: Contribute Food

thanksgiving 2022

Make a list of the dishes that will be required, publish it online, and have people sign up to contribute food. Allow friends and relatives to demonstrate their delectable meals. When compared to cooking (and paying for) a whole meal, preparing only one dish seems like a treat. Nobody is going to complain, and you’ll labor less and spend less.

Thanksgiving 2022 Tips 13: Stock Up.

thanksgiving 2022

Shop after-holiday sales for the best deals. Purchase whatever you require that will not spoil before the end of the year. Paper plates, napkins, utensils, decorations, and candles are all 50% off. Pack it up, label it as your “T-Day box,” and keep it somewhere it won’t go missing. Then, next year, enjoy the savings since you’ll have one less thing to budget for.



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